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Ghisanativa: a product of Italian excellence

Ghisanativa: a new concept in "Natural cooking"


Cast iron

Once extracted from the mould, cooled, hand finished and carefully inspected, our natural cast iron cookware is re-heated to 900°C in an oxygen-free atmosphere inside a special oven. This process can be traced back thousands of years: it was perfected by the ancient Etruscans some 2800 years ago to create their completely black bucchero ceramics.


Cast iron + Magnetite

Applied to the production of cast iron, re-heating in a reducing atmosphere creates a tough layer of magnetite on the surface of the metal, permanently protecting every item of GHISANATIVA™ cookware against rust.


Cast iron + Magnetite + Extra virgin olive oil

At this point, a film of extra virgin olive oil is applied by hand. The products are then put back in an oven and once again subjected to intense heat, replicating a technique adopted by Roman legionaries from the 4th century B.C. onwards to toughen swords and prevent corrosion. At 400°C, the harmful compounds (acrolein, formaldehyde etc.) liberated when oil exceeds its smoke point evaporate and disperse, leaving the residual components of the oil to polymerise with the metal. This creates a black cooking surface that is satin-smooth to the touch, scratch-proof with all common kitchen tools and extremely resistant to high temperatures and common detergents. More importantly, this surface has a natural non-stick finish that remains effective for years of normal use in the kitchen and is enhanced by even the smallest quantities of oil or edible fat.


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A natural product A natural product

A natural product

Every grill pan, frying pan, saucepan, wok or pan in Ghisanativa® is the result of melting, at over 1500°C, mineral elements naturally found in the environment and the human body: iron (certified haematite), carbon (graphite) and natural silicon, without the addition of harmful materials. Once melted, the cast iron is poured into moulds of sand and clay which are destroyed after each use, making each article a unique piece.

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The benefits of iron The benefits of iron

The benefits of iron

Of all the minerals required by our organism, probably iron is the one for which it is most difficult to guarantee a constant daily intake. Indeed, even though it is widely present in what we eat, it is often present in a non-bioavailable form, i.e. one that our body has difficulty in using: so-called non-heme iron.

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Natural non-stick properties Natural non-stick properties

Natural non-stick properties

The non-stick quality is a two-way path on which two objects travel: one that adheres and the other providing a surface to adhere to. At least one of the two elements in the pair must consist of molecules that can be linked to others.

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Ghisanativa® and the Maillard reaction Ghisanativa® and the Maillard reaction

Ghisanativa® and the Maillard reaction

From bread to grilled vegetables, steaks to chips, as well as beer and roasted coffee beans, Maillard reactions are what give food its distinctive browned appearance and “cooked food” flavour. The best known effect is the one seen when meat is cooked, but it also occurs with most vegetables too. Just think about sautéed onions, grilled courgettes and aubergines, oven-baked pasta, fried potatoes or tempura vegetables and so on. In short, most of our food is cooked at temperatures over 140°, triggering the Maillard reaction provided that they contain proteins and sugars (all extremely common...).

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Ghisanativa® is an ally of vegan and vegetarian cooking

Non-stick by vocation, Ghisanativa® complies fully with the ethical, environmental and health-related principles of anyone who chooses not to eat meat and products of animal origin.

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Ghisanativa® is an ally of vegan and vegetarian cooking

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